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Who are we?

LOC Voice in Healthcare is the organisation for client councils in health care. These represent the interests of people who need care. LOC furthers their say and  participation in healthcare as well as in general life.

1500 patients’ councils have joined LOC, who represent about 600.000 clients. The councils are active in institutions for old dependent people, psychiatric patients, addicts, homeless and battered women. As well as in organizations for home care and welfare.

LOC is dedicated to changing the system of health care within Dutch society as a whole. You can read about our vision on ‘Valuable Care’ in this booklet.

A voice in healthcare

Take a look at the document 'LOC, A voice in healthcare', which gives an introduction to a Theoretical Framefork for a Long-Term Vision. Download it here.

If you want to give your opinion about the LOC-vision send it to